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7 Best Practices to Personally Stay Productive and Healthy When Working From Home

The following best practices are great techniques for maintaining your health and productivity while working remotely:

  1. Carve out a dedicated workspace.

    Whether it is a separate room, a separate corner of a room, or a separate corner of a table, identify it as your special place to work. Clear off non-work papers and items and put them somewhere else. Signal to your family that when you’re at that spot, you’re working.

  2. Stick to a schedule.

    Maintaining your work schedule and routine can help you feel grounded and stay productive. Start working at your usual start time and stop working when you usually finish working. Take breaks and walk, move around, get some air. Take a lunch break, preferably away from your work space. Even if you normally eat lunch at your desk, it’s better not to do so when you’re working from home. At the end of the work day, shut down your computer and clean up your workspace.

  3. Get dressed in the morning.

    Don’t succumb to the urge to work in pajamas surrounded by fluffy pillows and blankets!

  4. Communicate, communicate and communicate some more.

    Give and ask for clear deadlines and regularly check in with everyone you’re working with. Be sure to connect at least once a day, preferably twice, and more often if needed. Don’t let a full day go by without checking in, even if you’re cruising along and don’t have any questions or something in particular to convey.

  5. Communicate with your family too.

    Check in on how things are going and what changes you should make to continue to work at home peacefully. Also, keep work talk to a minimum with your family – they’re likely dealing with their own work or school drama and you want to be stress-free for each other.

  6. Maintain your usual exercise and eating habits.

    The best way to use the extra time you’re saving not having to commute is to take of yourself. Avoid those home snack breaks!

  7. Be gentle with yourself and especially kind to others.

    We’re all living with uncertainty and degrees of fear. It will take some time to adjust. Finding ways to work at home productively will be a process of trial and error so try to be patient.

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