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Experienced Litigation Attorneys in Nebraska

Are you involved in a disputed matter with another party? If so, your dispute could end up in court. You need an experienced litigation attorney at your side as early as possible to protect your legal rights and advocate for your best interests. The Nebraska litigation attorneys of Berkshire & Burmeister are experienced trial attorneys, skilled investigators, and trained negotiators. You can trust that our legal team will protect your interests throughout each phase of the litigation process.

What Can Our Litigation Attorneys Do for You?

If you are considering litigation or you are facing litigation from another party, we can help. Our litigation attorneys take time to explain the process of litigating a matter in court so that you understand the process and are more comfortable with what will happen. Our legal team dedicates time to learning about you and the matter that is being litigated. We discuss possible claims that you might have against the other party and devise a strategy for defending claims filed against you.

Our attorneys and legal team research various causes of action, defense strategies, legal issues, statutes, and case law that may apply in your case. We conduct thorough investigations and discovery with regard to the other party to obtain evidence to use in your case. From the beginning of your case, we are preparing for trial.

That does not mean we do not attempt to settle your dispute through negotiation and mediation. However, preparing for trial assists us in preparing for settlement negotiations. If we cannot settle the case, we are prepared for trial. In either case, your best interests are protected to the fullest extent possible.

When Should You Contact a Litigation Attorney?

Any time you have a dispute with another party, you can contact a Nebraska litigation attorney for advice. However, it is strongly recommended that you immediately contact a litigation attorney if you are served with a lawsuit or you need to file a lawsuit. Pursuing and defending against a legal action can be complicated. You need to have an experienced attorney to explain your legal rights and your options regarding the lawsuit. You should never ignore a lawsuit. Ignoring the lawsuit can likely result in a default judgment granting the other party the relief they sought against you in the complaint.

If you want to file a lawsuit or other legal proceeding against another party, it is also best to speak with an experienced litigation attorney before taking any action.

The cost of hiring a litigation attorney may seem expensive at first. However, when you consider the cost that you may save by having an experienced legal advocate on your side to fight for the outcome you desire, the cost of hiring a litigation attorney becomes justified. At Berkshire & Burmeister, our attorneys’ fees for litigation services are reasonable, affordable, and competitive.

Contact Our Nebraska Litigation Lawyers for More Information

The Law Firm of Berkshire & Burmeister represents both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of litigation matters. If you have questions, we can provide the answers. We want to help you with all your litigation needs. Call (402) 827-7000 now to schedule a consultation with one of our litigation attorneys.

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